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20 reasons your business MUST have a Marketing Plan in 2020 …

Marketing Planning service from Pinpoint Marketing

No one likes taking risks unnecessarily or spending money if they don’t need to. Here I explain the benefits of a marketing plan and why every business must have one going into 2020. This blog article will be an example of how an implemented marketing plan using a variety of marketing techniques can AND does work.

If you haven’t set any objectives for your company and your marketing activities, how can you decide at the end of the year if you have achieved what you set out to do? Many companies don’t start marketing or don’t review their current marketing progress as things are good and they are happy with good.

Here are 20 reasons your business MUST have a Marketing Plan in 2020:

1.Build foundations for your business eg set goals, branding and messaging, SWOT analysis and more and ensure your campaigns are solid and prepared for

2.Break down a huge overwhelming task into manageable tasks

3.Avoid guesswork and make informed decisions. Minimise taking risks with your business

4.Define your target audience to ensure your campaigns reach the right people. Know you are talking to your customers in the right way with the right content e.g. personalise!

5.Spend your budget wisely by using facts. Save money by doing things once rather than multi times through carelessness

6. Save time by pre planning and multi tasking

7.Identify new opportunities within your market, including analysing your competitors

8.Ensure you use the right blend of the marketing mix. Our plans include reviewing your web and social media profiles to ensure they are working hard for you

9.Get organised for you and your business

10. Know your why and your marketing purpose through defining your objectives and goal setting

11. Identify any potential threats within your market. Uncover problems before they manifest themselves

12.Maintain and grow your reputation to customers, potential customers, suppliers and partners

13.Manage the resource you have internally and externally to maximum capacity. And use the plan doc to keep staff or freelancers up to date

14. Establish your position in the market

15.Differentiate from the crowd and know your USP (unique selling point)

16.Be proactive not just reactive

17.Get your brand out there and become recognisable as a thought leader in your industry

18.Break a huge task into manageable and bite sized chunks

19. Use your plan doc to review regularly to keep on track and remain focussed

20. Be logical with your activity

What is a marketing plan? There are 7 stages to a comprehensive marketing plan including

  1. Objective Setting
  2. Defining the messaging
  3. Defining a strategy
  4. Defining the target audience
  5. Developing the tactics
  6. Implementing the plan
  7. Measuring and evaluation

Having a plan will make you more focused and more successful and it will make the most of your budget.

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Good luck for a successful 2020 and beyond …