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18 ways to organise your business better in 2018

Time manage your marketing

Without being big headed, I often get told in my home life and working/business life that I am very organised, quick to respond and always on the ball. I am lucky as this come naturally to me. So how can you be better organised in 2018 to improve your business, productivity and results! Read Nicole Martin’s top 18 tips:

  1. use a diary, online or offline whatever method suits
  2. block out time each week or month to do monthly marketing activity like scheduling social media posts, newsletters etc
  3. block time out before and after meetings to allow you to prepare and follow up promptly
  4. outsource tasks that take you ages or that cause you angst
  5. evaluate your systems and look where you can use technology to save time eg online accounts etc
  6. automate your marketing! Use online software like Mail Chimp to automate client contact, reminders, keeping in contact etc
  7. use sign-up forms for database sign ups to avoid manual input
  8. block write content when you are feeling creative
  9. Schedule posts and newsletters in advance when you have a quiet day
  10. use your phone or outlook for reminders
  11. Ask advice to fellow business owners on what they do
  12. keep a note of hours you spend working and on what. This will allow more accurate quoting
  13. could you do more Skyping or phone calls to cut down on some travel time to meetings
  14. use Dropbox to share files etc to save some time emailing
  15. use templates to refer to and copy and paste to save doing everything from scratch every time
  16. be kind to yourself. You can only do what you can do!
  17. remember to keep time aside for yourself!
  18. don’t spread yourself too thin!!

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