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10 key questions to ask yourself as an accountant

Why are UK businesses losing up to £150,000 a year in payroll errors? According to a survey, 91% of businesses admitted to making payroll errors every month. This is especially serious for companies with 500 or more employees, where the cost of getting it wrong could amount to the huge figure above.


Marketing for accountants. We can safely say your firm is in a growing market with ever increasing digital, tax and accounting needs, and we know that accountancy and bookkeeping is a key area too. This download is aimed at helping you relieve some of the hassle and issues you may be incurring around servicing clients, finding new business, getting more repeat business, more and new marketing ideas, being more consistent in your marketing and sales and doing this all with purpose and spreading out the revenue across all services for stability and growth.

Whether your business is currently gaining more business, or losing business or both at times, or whether you are simply trying to maintain business or even looking to exit or sell the business, here are 10 accountancy marketing questions to ask yourself TODAY ….

  1. Do you know which of your clients/sectors are the most profitable? What do these have in common? How did you find them? Can you get more of this type of ideal client, where and how? On this note, when was the last time you or you as a business dug deep or delved into where your leads come from? And then delved further? eg not just from networking but what events or what people? Or not just LinkedIn but which LinkedIn posts or DM’s etc? A really worthwhile exercise to do!
  2. And is this most profitable client base made up of one or two big clients or spread across the board? You don’t want all of your clients/sales coming from just one basket or covering just one service eg payroll or VAT. And are these clients healthily spread over one off and retainer clients for a well balance, ongoing revenue stream?
  3. Are you attracting the right clients for the business? In terms of needs, niche, size, hassle free, they value what you do, they refer to you, they pay on time, they renew etc? Or do all your clients turn up with a bag of receipts?
  4. Is your current/existing client base aware (I mean really aware, not the fact you told them once months ago) of all the services you can help them with from accountancy services, to bookkeeping, company secretary services and more?
  5. Have you changed or reviewed your offering/services to bring them more in line with the current trends and latest taxation and accounting needs? This is a key area for upselling and cross selling.
  6. And along these lines, have you also reviewed and changed your services to incorporate the latest digital and HMRC needs or the latest budget changes announced? Talking of digital, does your website have an SSL certificate for safety and security? If not, what impression does this give to prospects, as security when it comes to data and numbers is key.
  7. Are all of your “team” in whatever format this looks like and/or your fellow director/s or your business partner/partners pulling their weight and supporting you/the business in the plans to grow?
  8. Are you too bogged down or distracted by finding new customers as opposed to potentially overlooking the opportunities you may already have in terms of existing data, proposals to follow up on, referrals to ask for? Low hanging fruit.
  9. Could the time you already struggle to find to dedicate to marketing be better used? Marketing today, lead generation and sales is harder than ever so having the expertise and plans are vital to ensure the business is proactive and reactive to change and to new opportunities.
  10. Have you started to make some plans and set goals for your marketing and business growth in 2024? Or are you a bit lost with your strategic business approach or running out of marketing ideas? Do you need more of a plan to follow to give the activity purpose, to avoid being random and not consistent? Or are you fed up with being ghosted and want tips on how to avoid this?

People will always need accounting support, so as a business you are in the ideal scenario of having a big market/big opportunity to tap into.

At Pinpoint, we can bring you new ideas, new ways of thinking as well as making the most of what you have and do, to enable your growth, to maximise on their budget and to plug any skills gaps/needs.

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