Pinpoint Marketing : Identifying effective solutions for all your marketing needs

How will YOU benefit?

Pinpoint Marketing provides support and extra resource ...
YOU get expert marketing advice and knowledge at a low rate/low risk level. Project work, ad hoc or regular daily commitment.

Pinpoint Marketing provides solutions to communicate with your customers ...
YOU get access to current customers allowing them to create awareness, update and sell/promote whilst being able to track responses and follow-up.

Pinpoint Marketing provides solutions to generate new leads ...
YOU can find and contact new customers, profile them and generate new sales.

Pinpoint Marketing provides impartial advice ...
YOU get advice from an outside perspective allowing you to make changes for the better, make improvements and so on.

Pinpoint Marketing provides competitor analysis ...
YOU get an insight into the competition allowing you to understand the market, improve communications to customers and better combat the competition.

Pinpoint Marketing is locally based in Buckinghamshire, with great contacts ...
YOU get local knowledge and access to contacts within print, design, merchandising and event management.

Pinpoint Marketing believes in good customer service ...
Pinpoint is interested in our customers and listens. Customer service is very important meaning YOU get taken care of very well.

> Generate sales and new leads
> Keep customers informed
> Combat the competition
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