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FAQs & Further Information

Q. Can Pinpoint Marketing give me hands on help or just ideas?
A. Pinpoint Marketing understands that as a small business, you will not have much spare time on your hands. We won't just give you a long list of ideas, unless you want us to, we can work on the ideas with you and on your behalf.

Q. How does Pinpoint Marketing operate?
A. Once you get in touch, Pinpoint Marketing Consultancy will arrange a face to face meeting with you where we will go through your marketing objectives, budget, past experiences with marketing and so on. This is a fact finding session. After this meeting, Pinpoint will supply you with a package of tactical and strategic ideas on what we can do for you, how long this will take and an outline of costs. Only when you confirm which ideas we will work on together, will the charges start to apply.

Q. Where will Pinpoint Marketing carry out the work?
A. Pinpoint can work from our own offices or in yours, as you prefer. Pinpoint will work around your business to ensure the level of interruption is minimal.

Q. How will Pinpoint Marketing work for me on my project?
A. Pinpoint can work on set days per week/month during your project or we can work on ad hoc days, as you prefer.

Q. How does Pinpoint Marketing charge?
A. Pinpoint charges on a per day basis, or per hour if the project requires this method. The rate is all inclusive, except for reasonable expenses such as travel. VAT is not applicable. The charges Pinpoint Marketing applies have been subject to market research to ensure we are offering our customers the best possible value for money.


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